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Paint Cabin

String n' Drink Workshop Party!

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String Art: No experience required! 

Painting not really your thing? With a hammer, a few nails and some string you can create beautiful pictures or word marks. It’s a bit more labour-intensive than brushing paint onto a canvas, but it won't feel like work after a drink or two. Our instructors will help you every step of the way, and the final pieces are always worth it.  

Paint Cabin provides all the workshop leaders, materials, tools & techniques to have you become a DIY MASTER to create your very own intricate String Art design! Each hands-on String Art workshop teaches you the techniques needed to create a custom piece that looks professionally made.

During this experience you will LOVE every stage! Right from the onset of the Paint Cabin creative studio space, to the dancing music in the background and full service alcoholic bar & coffee house amongst friends!

You will learn and experience the joy and techniques of personalising your DIY String Art selecting the size, aging / staining the wood, hammering your boards, right down to selecting your very own stain/paint colour of choice!

The Paint Cabin workshops do not feel and operate like your average bland  "classroom" setting. Rather we pride ourselves from being uniquely different by being entertaininglively and fun

At the end of the paint party you will have a custom DIY project that you will be proud to hang in your home, office or as a gift for enjoyable years to come.

Create! Drink! Repeat! 

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    Dangerously Fun! Wildly Entertaining!

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