Don't Let Your Next Employee Engagement Strategy Fail!

Don't Let Your Next Employee Engagement Strategy Fail!

Are your employees actively engaged in their work? Have your past team building activities and human resources practices caused burnout amongst your team?

As a team leader, it is your primary responsibility to grow employee engagement in your team!

Employee engagement is measured by the level of involvement and enthusiasm your employees display when participating in your organization.

Your employees’ level of engagement is crucial to the success of your workplace. They are continuously interacting and making decisions that affect and define your organization. The relationship between your organization and your employees is incredibly important, and the way the two interact will determine future success for you, or can put your entire company at risk.

Your employees' have important perspectives on the effectiveness of your workplace and its culture. Create opportunities for your team to grow and roadmaps for positive business practices to thrive with meaningful team building solutions.

Improving business outcomes is directly tied to employee & team engagement. Regardless of industry, organization size, or economic status, employees who are successfully engaged in their company, will generate better results, and your workplace culture will thrive. However, according to studies, only 15% of employees worldwide are truly "engaged".

So what can you do to engage your employees?

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In order to foster employee engagement and satisfy their needs, you must implement constructive and truly meaningful team building techniques and activities. 

The most common mistake companies make when trying to generate employee engagement is to attempt to solve it with one-time activities. Implementing team building as occasional and scattered exercises can leave your employees feeling isolated and separated from their workplace and their team. 

Employees need to feel part of a team, need to feel valued and need to find continued meaning from their work. So effective team building should satisfy all those needs, regularly and continually.

  1. Feel Part of a Team
  2. Feel Valued
  3. Find Meaning

Organizations may find themselves exhausting their team and giving up on team building as a solution for employee engagement, before fully realizing its ability to motivate employees and develop a sense of purpose amongst a team.

Common Mistakes when Onboarding Team Building Programs

  • Too Complicated
  • Events that Overpromise & Underdeliver
  • Time Wasting
  • Work Instead of Team Building
    • Instilling your company's core values 
    • Tying activities to your company's Q4 targets is NOT Team Building, it’s WORK
  • Causing Burnout in Your Team

Your team works hard, so they deserve the best!

Leaders responsible for developing employee engagement who incorporate team building programs into their corporate strategy and future planning, increase the opportunities for employees to feel motivated, build relationships, cultivate, enhance and preserve employee involvement.

Explore Paint Cabin's Team Building Activities

We are extremely humbled that many corporate organizations have trusted us in the past with their in-person, offsite, and virtual team building events! Over the years Paint Cabin has become a leader in providing team building across North America, combining fun activities, gift baskets, craft drinks, and entertainment to impress and motivate your team.

Paint Cabin has developed a framework for regular periodic team building activities that emphasize motivating, developing and celebrating in thoughtful, creative ways. Our hands-on and creative activities are perfect for bonding and strengthening connections. We are service providers that understand the value of building connections and keeping your events fun, entertaining and engaging.

Don't let your next employee engagement strategy fail!

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